"Support Lina and Gourry!"
(A debate written by Neko-chan and Ai-chan)

Alright, I cracked my fingers and I'm ready to roll! Lina Inverse and Gourry Gabriev, the perfect couple. You say you need reasons? You say you can't think that way? You say Gourry's too stupid, well... sorry to say, here's the reasons to prove you wrong! Sorry about pulling your face into the dirt and pulling you a 100 miles in the mud with this explanation, but if you don't see this clearly when I'm done, you're just not listening, orrrr... you don't want to face the truth!

The explanation of Slayers Perfect (Slayers the Motion Picture):

Do you all remember this one? You know, where Lina goes into the past to help a Gabriev! Now, you're probably saying "You idiot! Gourry's not in this!" Well, of course he's not, stupid, it's one of the movies. But she does go back to save the elves, one of which marries Rowdy, has many generations, which finally brings about a Gourry (the one we all know and love, well, at least most of us..). Now, don't you think that there would be a reason for this? Lina without a reward? Surely Rowdy isn't that greedy... folks, he is. Remember how he told her in the dream that it would effect her future if she knew? HELLO, the Sword of Light thing? Oh, and do you remember the repetitive Jellyfish thing... no meaning you say? WRONG! Remember, Lina always calls Gourry "Jellyfish for brains..." Well, at least once...

Explanation of the first series:

Okay, you remember when they first met, right? Well, Gourry thought Lina was one hot chick... till he looked at her. Yeah, he thought she was a kid for a little bit. Slowly but surely they grew on each other. You can tell by the end of the first season. When Lina almost dies, Gourry SENSES she's alright -- what a bond! Even Zel says they're a good couple!! And come on, who can't love that Sylphiel/Lina secret rivalry! Though it's only really a secret to Gourry... and maybe even Lina.

Zel: "Why are you so mad?"

Lina: "I don't really know..."

Explanation of the second season:

Okay! Now, if you've all seen NEXT, then you'd know the truth. And if you say "Lina/Zel FOREVER!" I'm sorry, but... BAKAAAAAA, you weren't watching! And no, I don't just meanthe kiss scene here, but the things that lead up to it. Now, really, they're still pretty shy in the first four tapes, until the last of them. You remember Kanzel and his chick? Well, Everyone thought Lina died right? And what happened when she said "If you can fool your friends, you can fool your enemies?" Gourry hits her, saying: "Can't you for once think of my feelings?", making her blush and say she's sorry. This makes Amelia all happy and drag Zel away (of course he has no complaints because HE DOESNT LIKE HER LIKE THAT!). Oh, also, remember Auntie Aqua? (Miss match maker! ^^) She tried to Get Gourry and Lina together, well, at least realize their feelings for one another. This even gets Lina thinking and they talk over the campfire one night, and he falls asleep, and she goes to lean her head on his shoulder... and, also, think of how deeply she thought of Gourry when he was gone! And the dream! Oh, my goodness! It was touching, almost making us cry.

Anyways, thats not all. When they finally get to Hellmaster, Lina chooses Gourry over the entire world, gets possessed by the Lord of Nightmares, and Gourry gets pissed. This is when he runs to save her, the only one that could, screaming "Lina, you belong here, with me!" When he reaches for her, he grabs her wrists, and the Lord of Nightmares disapears. He thinks all is lost, that Lina has left him forever, till she appears before him (YES IT'S LINA!). That's when they hug and kiss, unafraid of what others might think, because they aren't there to see. And Lina blushes when Martina pushes in and says she had beat her, about her feelings. And also, Lina was going to let Gourry follow, even without his sword. Should mean something, ne? And she got mad when Xellos "butted in" to return Gourry's sword. Yep, quite kawaii.

Explaination of third and last season:

Alright, not much till the end here. Well, little bits. Like in the first one where Zel teases them about going out. Now, would Zel be teasing them if he felt so strongly for Lina? Also, setting aside the tinyest bits, we must remember the mismatched couples eps. when they were coupled funny. Jiras did this because he knew they couldn't function properly without the right partner. This is why Lina gets so mad at Amelia when Gourry gets... misplaced. And if you remember the infamous "Lina in wonderland" eps, you remember what she's doing the entire time... looking for Gourry. And by the end, while fighting Dark Star, Lina and Gourry seem very close and protective of one another. He reassures her, and you can tell she feels safe with just his arm around her.

And to prove you all wrong with the "Gourry is stupid theory..." Do we all remember when Val was speaking to the Slayers in the darkness? Gourry said he didn't want to lose his memory... wait! I thought he couldn't remember anything! .:teehee:. Well, he does, he only remembers the things he needs for that moment. Oh, and at the VERY end of Slayers: Who's Lina sitting with? Who's arm is she holding onto? 'Nuff said.

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