Welcome to my meager collection of Lina fanfiction on the web! Here, talented Slayers fans have concocted their own story, featuring their favorite characters -- so that you, the viewer, may enjoy a peaceful afternoon of reading! :P To ensure that this section expands continually, I urge you to send in any fanfiction that you have (containing Lina Inverse, of course). Thanks, and happy reading!

Genre Color Code System:
comedy:comedy   adventure:adventure   romance:romance   yaoi/yuri:yaoi/yuri   solemn:solemn

title author genre
Ultimate Spell Unknown adventure  comedy
To You I Belong Silent Steel romance
Fish Rocky comedy
Two Fish (Sequel) Rocky comedy
Slayers at the Movies Rocky comedy
Truth or Dare Lia Nolan comedy
P.S. Is Love Forever? Harukami romance  solemn
Remember Me This Way Ashe Ryder romance

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