Lina's outfit is a very singular one, adorned with countless little gadgets, magical items, and explosive jewels. o.O So, in a rather pointless attempt to understand the purpose of such an elaborate attire, I have picked apart Lina's outfit and analyzed each piece of it:

++ Open Outfit Image File

Click on the link above, and little pop-up window containing a detailed, labeled picture of Lina's outfit will appear. Be sure to refer to that image as you read the descriptions below!

Prominent Items:
Cape - This cape is certainly an eye-catcher; being the heroic emblem that flaps in the wind during serious/meaningful scenes. ^^ Asides from being ornamental, it basically has no use.

Shoulderpads - Or "armor," I should say. This decorative and protective add-on really adds pizzaz to Lina's overall outfit, for it is adorned with jewels and gold. But it looks heavy, doesn't it? o.O; Wouldn't it slow her down during battle?

Fake Jewels - These are set into the shoulderpads, chiefly for decoration. How do we know that they are fake? During one scene, Martina made off with one of these jewels, and it self-detonated while she was holding it! Interesting.

4 Talismans - Lina recieved these talismans after she bargained viciously with Xelloss (otherwise, Martina would've gotten them). Asides from being ornamental, they are also very useful because they serve as magic amplifiers. You can only see three of them in the picture though; one of them is located on her belt, which is covered by her hand.

Pink Pants - Duh. ;)

Shirt/Dress? - Okay, this portion of the outfit gets a bit confusing. It looks as though she is wearing a short, pink skirt. I'm assuming that the yellow band in the picture is part of her yellow body-suit peeking through, because it doesn't look like it would be part of the dress.

Boots - Now, these are just plain funky. o.O; Don't they look weird?

Gold Earrings - These are huge! In the anime, Lina's earring are spherical, and in the manga, they're hoop earrings.

Headband - Actually, Lina's headband really is quite useful. One time, Eris tried to embed a magic jewel on Lina's forehead, but it was blocked by the headband. Apparently, Lina's headband has some magic spell cast on it.

Sword - Lina is an experienced swordfighter -- and although she's got magic to back her up, she never goes anywhere without her trusty sword. It's pretty, isn't it?

Well, that's it for Lina's prestigious outfit. Whew, that was complicated! ;P

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