Lina's desire to be self-dependent is very evident throughout the series, and it is the main player in shaping her "tough-girl" reputation. However, just like any other insecure young girl, she does occasionally show vulnerabilities, as much as she tries to hide them. These are a few of Lina's worst fears:

Just do it. - Big Sister Fear #1: Luna Inverse. - Lina is absolutely TERRIFIED of her older sister, Luna Inverse. She has a number of reasons to fear Luna -- first of all, Luna happens to be the Knight of Cephied, implying that she is incredibly powerful. (Basically, she could easily kick Lina's butt. ^^;) Second of all, Luna has reason to harm her younger sister... you see, life was tough while these two were growing up together. So Luna got a job as a waitress... and Lina, being the intelligent business woman that she is, decided to sell pictures of Luna taking a bath. o_O Needless to say, this business endeavor did not go too well with Luna, and Lina has been dodging Luna's presence ever since.

Fear #2: Small chest. - As ludicrous as it may seem, this is probably Lina's greatest fear ever. Lina's small chest is brought up again and again as the show progresses, showering her dignity with a barrage of jeers, jokes, insults, and whatnot. She is very sensitive and touchy on this subject, and the fact that just about EVERY character she's encountered has made fun of her for it doesn't really help much! An excellent example of this notion takes place in the "Brass Racquets" episode of NEXT, when Martina says to Lina: "Isnít there enough room in your breast for any hope of beating me?" and Lina glows red with anger and curses through clenched teeth. We can easily see from this incident that Lina is more sensitive about her chest size than anything else.

Fear #3: Being thought of as useless. - Although not as obvious as the previously stated fears, this is one of Lina's greatest vulnerabilities. You see, Lina cannot bear being a "damsel in distress" -- she always feels the need to get up and fight, and stand up for herself. For example: During an episode in NEXT, Martina set a curse on Lina that caused all of Lina's spells and attacks to turn back on her. (Basically, every time she striked an enemy, she also striked herself down.) This disabled Lina from using any of her spells and made her feel useless in battle. She felt like a sandbag in front of her friends, and she despised it more than anything else in the world. (And I quote her: "This sucks! I never thought I could be so useless without my powers! This sucks, this sucks, this sucks this sucks this sucks!")

Fear #4: Slugs. - As a fan, you're going to have to realize that this is not one of Lina's true fears. Although there was an episode that featured an unsakely encounter between Lina and a patch of slimy slugs, it was thrown in by the creators of the show solely for the sake of comic relief. Lina never again meets with slugs later in the series, which proves that the creators weren't about to turn this supposed "fear" into any major.

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