This Layout

Note: As of 7/6/01, Destructive Ways has a brand new layout. The last layout (which was all pink and... icky... o.o) will never be featured again. Sorry if you liked it, because I sure didn't. ^^() Anyway, if you want to learn of the details about DW's current layout, then you're at the right place!

The Inside Story
My initial acclaim goes out to Filia, who inspired version 2.0 of DW in more ways than one. The multicolored splash page of this layout was a... (how do I put this?) rather shameful remake of FiliaUlCopt*com's sixth layout, which featured the SAME Lina Inverse picture that I used, among other things. ^^;

Further credit goes to out to a website known as Dragon Slaver's Shrine, who unconsciously inspired me to use a song in this layout. One day, while I was visitng DSS, I heard a beautiful Slayers song that I did not recognize (it was the streaming song of the moment). Well, I absolutely fell in love with the song and decided to look it up... and it turned out to be none other than "Take Your Courage" by LoN, the english version of "Don't Be Discouraged." That's when I decided to use the lyrics of the song in this layout. ^_^

The Tools I Used
I used two wonderful programs, Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and Adobe ImageReady 3.0 to create the layout before you. All of the HTML was coded on ye olde Notepad by hand (yes, even the images were chopped the "old fashioned" way), and all of the image maps were done in Adobe ImageReady 3.0. The following fonts were used: "Verdana" for the body, "ORAV" for the song lyrics, "Velvet" for the title, and "Silkscreen Expanded" for the menus. If you're interested in using any of these fonts in a layout, then you can download them via's Font Toolbox. :) I hope that helped!

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