I genuinely believe that one of the highlights of Slayers is the music. Not only are the opening/closing themes energetic and catchy, but Lina also has some pretty awesome image songs. XD Via this section, you can download Lina's image songs (as well as the opening/closing themes), and listen to Megumi-sama's wonderful voice! ^^ I've even included the lyrics, so that you can sing along if you like!

Lina Inverse's Image Songs:

title artist lyrical
Shining Girl Megumi Hayashibara get lyrics
Exit Running Megumi Hayashibara get lyrics
Run all the Way Megumi Hayashibara get lyrics
Touch Yourself Megumi Hayashibara get lyrics
Gloria Megumi Hayashibara get lyrics

Opening/Closing Theme Songs:

title artist description
Get Along Megumi Hayashibara Original - Opening
Kujikenaikara Megumi Hayashibara Original - Ending
Give a Reason Megumi Hayashibara NEXT - Opening
Jama wa Sesenai Okui Masami NEXT - Ending
Breeze Megumi Hayashibara TRY - Opening
Don't be Discouraged Megumi Hayashibara TRY - Ending

Note: The Opening/Closing songs are encoded as ".rm" files (you'll need RealPlayer), and the image songs are MP3 files. There is no possible way for me to regulate the number of files that each person downloads from this page, but as your humble webmistress, I strongly beseech that you download no more than one MP3 per hour. (Bandwidth issues, you know.) Thank you! :P

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