Being the smart-ass that she is (Lina: "HEY!"), Lina Inverse probably has some of the funniest and most entertaining lines out of any other Slayers character. Whether meaningful, touching, hilarious, or stupid, here are some of her most interesting quotes:

Lina: "Maybe this won't be so bad..."
Gourry: "Hey! A village! Maybe I can find some lollipops for you!"
Lina: "Oh, this is gonna be a lot worse than that..."

Gourry: "There are some times in life when ya just gotta take it like a man!"
Lina: "Well, I'm not a man!"
Gourry: "Oh, yeah."

Lina: "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Either pay up, or shut up!"

Zelgadis: "I merely wish to perform a business transaction."
Lina: "Oh, that's reassuring!"

Gourry: "Oh. That time of the month."
Lina: "Let's not talk about this!"
Gourry: "It's that time of the month girls don't like to talk about! When all the priestesses and sorceresses start losing all of their powers!"
Lina: [hits gourry] "How does a guy with the brains of a jellyfish know all about that time of the month?!"

Zelgadis: "Of course. It's that time of the month."
Lina: "Just lay off!"

Lina: "Is that any way to treat a sorceress?! You gangly, gauzed-up, third-rate magic using mummy man!"

Lina: [blush] "Ah... I think I know why you did that, you must've fallen for your lovely captive, that's it, isn't it? [giggle] ...or, maybe not."

Zelgadis: "You're a very perculiar young lady." [laughs]
Lina: "Hooray! I finally got him to laugh! Da da da da da da da da!!"

Lina: "I'll teach you to fool around with a girl who's tired and cranky!"

Lina: [clapping] "Whoo! Way to go, Zelgadis! You did a really fantastic job!"
Zelgadis: "Enough!"
Lina: "In my book, you're number one!"

Zelgadis: "You could afford to miss a meal."
Lina: "What's that supposed to mean, are you calling me fat?!"

Lina: [limping] "I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I wanna take a bath!"
Zelgadis: "Can you walk without talking?"
Lina: I thought there'd at least be some place to stay, and some place to eat when we got here! But it's totally deserted, it's a ghost town!!"

Lina: "Gimmee the sword, Gourry, pleeeaase? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on top?" [giggle]
Gourry: [sigh] "No."

Lina: "Boy, could things get any more screwed up?"

Sylphiel: "Please, don't! You might hurt dear Gourry, Miss Lina!"
Lina: [hitting Gourry] "Don't worry about it, this is how I show my appreciation!"
Gourry: "This is appreciation?"

Lina: "Oh, relax, Gourry's fine! He's got better luck than any dumb guy I know!"

Gourry: "So, what happens if there's another stairway in here?"
Lina: "I TURN VIOLENT!" [kicks door open]

Lina: "What about this?"
Sylphiel: "Well, I-uh, think..."
Lina: [imitating Sylphiel] Well, I-uh, think... MY ASS! IT'S JUST ANOTHER DEAD END!!"

Lina: "You guys are free to have a fight anywhere you want to, but interfering with an innocent girl's meal is unforgivable. And, if it happens to be Lina Inverse's meal, you're lucky to be alive!"

Here's what others have to say about Lina:

Gourry: "Great. A kid."

Zelgadis: "You could afford to miss a meal."

Zelgadis: "You're a very peculiar young lady."

Amelia: "Ooohhh, I hope I can prevent a war from starting... and, I have to be diplomatic! And, Miss Lina doesn't know what that means..."

Martina: "Isn't there enough room in your breast for any hope of beating me?"

After a few decades of thinking, Gourry finally realizes what became of his dear friend Lina...
Gourry: "Of course! That's it! They must've captured Lina! NOW I get it!!"

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