Welcome to my tiny collections of sound files, completely consisting of .wavs files that I got from Patch's Slayers Sounds -- implying that they are VERY high quality. Here, you can download a voice file of Megumi Hayashibara or Lisa Ortiz (whichever you prefer) and enjoy!

file name size description
op-eng.wav 171 kb Lina's opening speech (english)
op-jap.wav 166 kb Lina's opening speech (japanese)
dragu-eng.wav 290 kb casting the dragon slave (english)
dragu-jap.wav 293 kb casting the dragon slave (japanese)
ghost-eng.wav 110 kb possesed by a ghost (english)
ghost-jap.wav 100 kb possesed by a ghost (japanese)

Note: I did not create these sound files; I merely collected them. If you want to use these, please give credit to the proper source!

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