Lina Inverse travels with a very lively, motley crew of companions throughout the show, ne? ^^ And, although she tries hard not to show it, she cares deeply for each and every one of them. Here are some of Lina's closest friends:

Gourry GabrievGourry Gabriev - Lina's relationship with Gourry blossoms throughout the series, and they are perhaps the most inambiguous duo/couple in the entire show. It is very evident that these two care deeply about each other, although it seems that Lina always makes a huge effort to hide her feelings for Gourry. ^^;; At any rate, she often shows her appreciation by repetitively hitting Gourry on the head, which only makes their relationship more amusing. ^_^ (For a more in-depth analysis, head for the romance section.)

Zelgadis GraywordsZelgadis - Being that they are the most logical members of the group, Lina and Zelgadis share a mutual understanding/respect. They always respect each others' opinion, and they share a relationship that melds in a mature, natural way. This notion probably justifies why they are always paired together as a couple... although I firmly believe that they are better off as close friends. ^^; Oh, well.

Amelia Wil Tesla SailluneAmelia Wil Tesla Saillune - Amelia is probably one of Lina's closest friends ever. They are, in a sense, almost like sisters... more than once, Lina has consoled Amelia during hardships (such as when Prince Phil disappeared), or trained her to become stronger (such as when Amelia wanted to learn the Dragon Slave spell). Amelia and Lina can always rely on each other as close friends or as sisters. All in all, these two make an adorable pair! :D

Sylphiel Nels RadaSylphiel Nels Rada - The interaction between Syphiel and Lina is actually quite interesting. Being that Sylphiel is such a naive, sensitive person, Lina often finds herself more wary of others' feelings whenever Sylphiel is around. Also, Lina always knows how to offer encouragement to Sylphiel to get her to cast spells, which is why these two are such close friends. ^_^ Of course, one cannot overlook the famous "rivalry" between these two in winning Gourry's heart... but oh, well. Every friendship has its ups and downs. ^^;

Martina Xoana Mel NavratilovaMartina Xoana Mel Navratilova - I think that Lina is rather annoyed by Martina's curse endeavors. ^^; You see, Lina accidentally destroyed Martina's kingdom (Xoana), so Martina has been longing for revenge ever since. At any rate, these two make a HILARIOUS pair; their constant attempts to defeat each other really add comedy to Slayers NEXT. But in the end, they are still close friends. Somewhat. ^^;

XellossXelloss - Xelloss is really more of an annoying tag-a-long than a companion, but he and Lina share some very entertaining moments. :P Being the conniving, prankish mazoku that he is, Xelloss has succeeded in stealing a few pecks from Lina, who blushes several hues of crimson on each occasion. ^^; However, I think that Lina's opinion of Xelloss changed drastically after she became aware of his indentity as a mazoku. From that point on, she was much more wary of his schemes.

Filia Ul CoptFilia Ul Copt - Friendship-wise, Lina and Filia are quite close. Although Filia's righteous, morale ways can sometimes grate on Lina's nerves, I think that these two share a lot of the same character traits. They are perhaps the two most powerful female characters in Slayers, and their strong tenacity melds in a way that is beneficial for both of them. In short, Filia and Lina kick butt together! :D

ValgarvValgarv - Yes, I am perfectly aware that Valgarv does not belong under the "companions" section; he is one of Lina's most formidable enemies. But I just had to put him here because he's so cool! :P At any rate, Valgarv will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal of destroying Lina, because he stubbornly believes that Lina was the one who killed his savior, Gaav. This notion could not be farther from the truth; it was Hellmaster Phibrizo who killed Gaav. Oblivious to this fact, Valgarv wants to avenge Gaav's death by killing off Lina Inverse.

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