A Tale of Romance

One of the hot topics of debate in the SOC (Slayers Online Community) pretains to romance in Slayers -- a notion that I find very ironic. ^^; As you already know, Slayers is not a romantic series, and Lina Inverse certainly is not a lovey-dovey character. But because this is such a popular topic of debate, I have spent quite a bit of time writing essays about various pairings that involve Lina Inverse. In addition, I have gathered a collection of debates written by fans, so that every aspect of Lina's love life can be touched on. Enjoy! :D

written by me:
-xx- Gourry - Analyzation of the Lina/Gourry coupling.
-xx- Zelgadis - Analyzation of Lina and Zelgadis' relationship.
-xx- Xelloss - Analyzation of the Xelloss/Lina pairing.

written by fans:
-xx- Guest Debates - A collection of debates written by fans!
-xx- Stupidity - A growing, humorous collection of flames.
-xx- Vote - Who's the best match for Lina? (Question #4)

Let your voice be heard! Why not write an essay explaining why or why not you support a particular coupling, and send it to me? ^_^ Debates can be either positive or negative (it's okay if you despise a certain couple, but be sure that you can explain why), and will be accepted as long as sanity/intelligence remains evident. Thanks! :P

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