Lina + Xelloss = Love?

Since I am partial to the Xelloss/Filia couple (I even have a X/F fanshrine: Masked Love), I am going to have to dissent with everybody who supports Lina and Xelloss as a couple. Here's what I have to say:

Grr... NO, NO, NO! This couple is terrible! Xelloss merely "flirts" (not really) with Lina for his own, personal amusement, and Lina is 100% annoyed by Xelloss' tag-a-long tactics. They DO NOT belong together!

Xelloss kisses Lina playfully... Upon first sight, I suppose I can see why one would deem this a good couple. It does seem that Lina was once temporarily infatuated by Xelloss' flirtatious tactics. One time, Xelloss even went as far as kissing Lina on the cheek, which obviously resulted in her turning to several hues of crimson. However, playing tag-a-long with Lina and Co. was merely part of Xelloss' mission, and he would easily kill Lina without a second thought if it were Zeras' desire. Comprendre?

Asides from all that, there's still one more reason why Xelloss and Lina can't be together. Lina is crazy for Gourry! Those two are in love with each other (hopelessly so), and they are the original, one and only couple that the creators intended. And, why break from traditional ideas when they are so beautiful? *^^*

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Final Note: If you want to debate against me (or by my side ^^;), then visit the Guest Debates section and submit a plausible argument. Let your voice be heard! :P

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