Guest Debates

The "Guest Debates" section is a place in which Slayers fans have a chance to state their opinion freely (in an intelligent manner, of course). This way, everybody can open their minds by allowing themselves to view the same topic at different angles. It's great endeavor, isn't it? ^^ If you have a debate that you wish to contribute to this section, please don't hesitate to send it in! Thanks. :D

debate title author description
"Support Lina & Gourry!" Neko-Chan & Ai-Chan It's exactly what the title says. ^^ Very nicely written!
"Lina & Zelgadis" Astra M. A debate that properly denounces the Z/L couple. It's the best I've read.
"Alternate Pairings" Laura Hsu A very well-written, analytical essay with a supportive tone towards Alternative Pairings.
"Lina & Sylphiel" Philip Mak This is one of the few Lina/Sylphiel essays that I've read, and it's very well-supported!

Note: If you want to use any of these debates for your own website, please ask for the author's permission first!

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