Lina + Gourry = Love?

Lina & Gourry Wai! I love this couple to bits! (Ever notice how blantantly biased my essays always are?) Lina and Gourry are perhaps the best, most truest Traditional Couple in Slayers! There is NO alternate pairing in the Slayers world that could replace or commensurate the delightful relationship that Lina and Gourry share.

Of course, since this is the intended couple of the creators, there is plenty of evidence to back up the compatability between Lina and Gourry. (In fact, there is TOO much evidence -- but some fans just choose to be oblivious to it all.) Let's take a look at the strong bond between Lina and Gourry, and the many special moments that they've shared.

Lina's about to smoke some bandits! Gourry met Lina for the first time on a particularly sunny day, when Lina was fighting with a rowdy group of bandits. Apparently, he thought that it was neccesary to "save" the most powerful sorceress on the planet (whom he reckoned was a "luscious damsel in distress"), which ultimately led to them getting acquainted with each other. Like most traditional anime couples, the two of them kind of got off to a bumpy start -- Gourry mistakenly thought that Lina was "just a kid" -- which kind of shattered her dignity. ^^() But, with the passing of just a few days of traveling together (Gourry had agreed to be Lina's bodyguard for the time being), Lina began to realize what a sweetheart Gourry was. "He's so dense..." Lina would think. "But he's also kind of sweet..." And so, a beautiful relationship had begun.

Interestingly enough, a sure-shot innuendo of romance was shown only a few episodes later -- when Lina bluntly asked Gourry how long he was planning to stay by her side. His answer was simple: "I dunno. For the rest of my life?" It was so sweet. And, it was evident that Lina was rather shaken by his words -- she probably had never been so cared for by anybody in her life. That was the first incident that sort of hinted towards a possible *romance* between the two.

From that point on, Lina and Gourry simply blossomed together. They shared so many special moments together that I can hardly name them all (lessee... there was the time when Lina pretended to be dead and Gourry had a fit... there was the time when Gourry was controlled by Phibrizo and Lina refused to attack him... hmm...). It really was more than a "buddy-buddy" relationship (asides from the fact that Lina always hit Gourry), because they were always there for each other. And sometimes, they would accidentally drop their acts and allow a bit of compassion to show through.

Awww... However, it was not until the resolution of Slayers NEXT when all doubt was abolished. During an intense scene in which the Lord of Nightmares had taken over Lina's body, it had appeared that Gourry was going to lose the one he loved more than life itself. But he fought on bravely, driven by the desire to get Lina back again. Through a barrage of deadly meteors, Gourry chased after the sihouette of his one true love. With his passionate endeavor, he managed to stimulate a pang of compassion in the Lord of Nightmares... and she returned Lina back to where she belonged. Upon reuniting, what did Lina and Gourry do? They locked lips and kissed.

The Kiss All of the joy that they had shared, all the listless moments they had cherished, and the compassion they had felt for each other -- it was all summed up and melded into a single kiss. Embracing each other, Lina and Gourry knew that they were finally in a surrounding in which nobody could see them, nobody could reprimand or come between them. Finally, they had found the courage to show their true feelings. *pulls out kleenex box* It was beautiful, I tell ya.

*le sigh* But of course, neither of them remembered it afterwards... (the creators just HAD to do that so that there'd still be some doubt), so there are still a *few* arguable points between this couple. But, one thing's for sure: Lina and Gourry share a cherishable history, an understanding, and an undying love. Hell, even the Lord of Nightmares wouldn't take these two away from each other! *^^*

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