Lina + Zelgadis = Love?

After thinking for a long time, considering facts from all angles, and listening to the arguments of countless Zelgadis/Lina fans, I have succeeded in making myself believe in the compatability of this couple! (Yay!) So, even though I am a Gourry/Lina bias, this article won't sound too biased -- it's a good thing, no?

Lina & Zelgadis There are several coinciding personality traits that justify a possible romance between Lina and Zelgadis. First and foremost, they are both extremely capable, independent, and resourceful characters, are they not? Because of this, their relationship melds in a mature and natural way, unlike that of the traditional (Lina + Gourry / Amelia + Zelgadis) couples, whose main purpose is to deliver comic relief. On top of that, Lina's perky, optimistic attitude is a perfect contrast to Zelgadis' dreary outlook.

In addition, there actually are a good number of clues that hint towards this coupling. It is made quite clear from the beginning that Lina and Zelgadis like each other -- not necessarily in a romantic way, but they are good friends. They can relate to each other up to a point, chiefly because they both share the quality of intelligence. Not to say that all of the other characters are stupid (Gourry suddenly comes to mind...^^), but Lina and Zelgadis are among the most focused, prudent members of the crew. To further justify this argument, let me bring to your attention an often noted Zelgadis/Lina moment. There was one episode of TRY in which Jiras purposely paired each character with an unfamiliar partner (with the help of the "Magic Balls" o.o;), and Lina and Zelgadis were "stuck" with each other. They had to climb the mountain (which looked like a pile of *ahem*) hand-in-hand; and believe it or not, they both enjoyed it.

Lina makes Zelgadis laugh for the first time! However, there is one crucial point that denies a romantic relationship between Lina and Zelgadis. Their lifestyles. One cannot deny the fact that Lina and Zelgadis have very different goals that they wish to accomplish; Zelgadis wants to relive his human form, whereas Lina simply wants gold/adventure. Well, this just goes to show that they oftentimes do not support each other, and usually just end up getting on each other's nerves.

Furthermore, Lina is far too laidback and worryfree for Zelgadis. You have to admit that Zelgadis is very driven by the desire to become normal, right? For the most part, he never wishes to indulge in time-wasting activities that have nothing to do with his goals. Lina, on the other hand, would do anything as long as it involved food, money, power, or enjoyment.

So, are Zelgadis and Lina perfect for each other? Maybe... but then again, maybe not. Who am I to say? There is an equal amount of evidence that supports or refutes this couple. I guess it's up to the fan to decide.

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