This lengthy, comprehensive biography should contain just about everything that you should know about Lina Inverse! In it, I have included rudimentary statistics and a hefty character analysis. (I tried to make the analysis a bit more in-depth than the typical, redundant "character stats." ^^) Enjoy!

Name: Lina Inverse
Age: 16
Job Description: She steals from the rich -- kind of like Robin Hood. Only difference is... she keeps the loot!
Seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara
VA: Lisa Ortiz
Interests: Gold, power, knowledge, good food, Gourry and his sword.
Weaknesses: Too short-tempered, too abrupt, too confident, easily offended by chest-size related insults. (Also see fears.)

Lina is pretty much a typical anime heroine if you exclude the large chest, just reasoning, flirtacious habits, and dependent mannerism. o.O

Okay, so maybe she isn't a typical heroine at all.

Lina casting a spell Lina Inverse is an amazingly powerful sorceress -- perhaps the most powerful magic user (who is a human) in all of Slayers. This rather handy knowledge in the field of magic has gotten her out of some pretty tight situations, which she finds herself in quite frequently. ^^;; However, magic isn't her only forte; Lina is also a mastermind for analyzing situations and possibilities. She frequently needs to make quick, decisive choices on the spot, and it is this strong sense of decision-making that justifies her role as the "leader" among her friends.

Lina's looking determined! Another notable character trait of Lina is that she is very ambitious. Once she decides on a goal, she'll be willing to go great lengths to complete it. However, this spark of inner tenacity is not always put to good use. Lina often finds herself working her butt off for material things such as gold, food, or power. She will do good deeds for the promise of money (she often fights bandits just for the treasures), she will risk the safety of her friends for the promise of good food (such as "Dragon Cuisine..."), and she will show great enthusiasm at the notion of learning a new spell. Sadly, the main motive behind most of her acts of kindness is the anticipation of a reward. Her ambition can fuel the strength to do virtually anything... but it is pretty difficult to force her to do anything she doesn't want to. (Basically, anything that does not involve a reward!)

With that in mind, one should also know that it would be rather foolish to anger this young sorceress. Although seemingly cute and helpless, Lina's spells pack a real wallop, and she'll use this power on anybody who stands in her way when she has a goal in mind. Once again, it is her strong ambition that is to blame for this. She will, without a second thought, throw a fireball at anyone/anything that acts as a barrier to her goals. And quite often, she will also revert to senseless violence -- whacking or punching her friends as a showing of "appreciation."

Aww, she's blushing! I've already described Lina as overwhelmingly powerful, dangerously ambitious, and painfully violent. But, who would've thought that this seemingly tough-as-nails sorceress has a soft spot in her heart? Lina's behavior towards the "romantic tactics" thrown at her as the series progresses is rather confusing. Due to her obvious tomboyish nature, it is much easier for most fans to picture her giving punches than giving kisses. However, she has been known to become temporarily infatuated (who can resist Xelloss's flirtacious manner and Gourry's buff, mercenary appearance?) by a male who shows interest in her. It's just that... well, there aren't that many; most of them are scared out of their wits upon hearing her name. ^^;; (For a more in-depth commentry, head to the romance section.)

Keeping in mind that Lina does allow her soft side to surface every once in a while, one can easily spot out her vulnerabilities and fears. Lina can allow herself to appear vulnerably shy when love is the matter at hand -- such as whenever Gourry tells her that "he will remain with her forever," or when Xelloss steals a tiny kiss from her. Since love is a subject that Lina has had little experience with, she usually tries to avoid it, as it may reveal her weaknesses. She wants to appear as strong and independent as possible, after all!

And so ends the character analysis of a smart, powerful, food-crazed, and independent sorceress supreme: Lina Inverse. She graces the Slayers World with her entrance, and leaves the people she meets in pure awe. Who says only the "typical" heroines can win the love of hundreds of fans? ^_^

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