As far as I can remember, I have always enjoyed browsing through the "fanart" sections of various websites -- you should, too; there are some pretty talented artists out there! So, if you have any Slayers fanart (Lina should be in it), then send them in! Show off your talent; don't let it go to waste! ^.^

Page 1 - The 1st page of fanarts. (You're here!)
Page 2 - The 2nd page of fanarts.
Page 3 - The 3rd page of fanarts.

artist thumbnail description
Neon Dragon Meticulously colored picture of a solemn, pretty Lina with flowing hair
Neon Dragon Gorgeous colored fanart of Lina casting the Giga Slave (fave spell)!
Neon Dragon A romantic drawing of Lina and Gourry together, embracing each other
Zeras Metallium *lol* Lina, you heartbreaker! Some girls just get all of the guys to themselves...
Zeras Metallium A beautiful, colored art of Lina getting ready to whip out her magic skills!
Kawaii Amelia A tough looking Lina Inverse, drawn in pen and colored on the computer!
Kawaii Amelia An excellent raw pencil sketch of Lina from the manga (w/ all the details!)
Chibi Ai-Chan Super cute drawing of chibi Gourry and Lina sitting together!

Note: If you want to feature any of these on your own website, please be sure to ask the artist first! (And if you haven't already, make sure to check out the second page of fanart!)

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