You're on the second page of fanart. Now you can marvel at even more drawings of Lina Inverse! :D Aren't they pretty?

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artist thumbnail description
Lina Graywards Colored drawing of Lina winking/saluting at the viewer! :D
Lina Graywards Lina, dahling, you look so suave in that pretty purple dress!
Zeras Metallium Lina vs. the Dragon... who will win? (I like her outfit in this one. :D)
Chirigami-kun A beautifully colored picture of Lina winking and pointing at the viewer. ;)
Singh XD Furry Lina! It's Lina, as an awesome-looking cat in a cool outfit.
Zeras Metallium A lovely, original fanart of Lina hugging a Gourry/jellyfish plushie! XD
Irony-chan I LOVE this fanart! Lina, Sylphiel, and Martina strike a pose as the official guardians of Gourry! (Gourry's Angels = Charlie's Angels... get it? ^_^)
Irony-chan Lina looks pretty good in a fancy, victorian gown, don't you agree?

Note: If you want to feature any of these on your own website, please be sure to ask the artist first! Also, check out Page 3 for more fanarts.

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