You're on the third page of fanart. Now you can marvel at even more drawings of Lina Inverse! :D Aren't they pretty?

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artist thumbnail description
Irony-chan Wow... it's an interpretation of what Lina would look like in real life. VERY nice.
Sea Dolphin A beautiful CG of Lina and Gourry embracing each other! :P
Reaperman It's a CG art of Lina Inverse, as the Galaxy Commander of Clan Jade Falcon! (BattleTech) XD Awesome!
Apishi A beautifully colored, computer-drawn picture of Lina Inverse in a pink dress and matching boots. :D
Leah A nice drawing of Lina and Gourry, in their battle stances!

Note: If you want to feature any of these on your own website, please be sure to ask the artist first!

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