So Much to Download, So Little Time

In this section, you'll find a rather substancial collection of things to download, listen to, and look at. ^^ So, whether you are searching for pictures, sounds, music, or computer goodies, the "Media" section is definitely the place for you!

July 30th, 2004 - The galleries have all been fixed, so enjoy the large collection of Lina images, everyone! Hang in tight -- there will be a HUGE update coming soon, on all of the shrines at Livin' Wild.

-xx- Anime - A large stock of Lina images from the anime.
-xx- Artbook - A nice collection of Lina pictures from the DM Artbook!
-xx- OVA - You guessed it; Lina Inverse images from OVAs.
-xx- Music - Opening/closing themes and Lina's image songs.
-xx- Skins - Lina Inverse winamp skins for you to download!
-xx- Sounds - Listen to sound clips of Lina's genki voice!
-xx- Desktop - Wallpapers to decorate your destop with.

You're free to take anything that you want from this section as long as you credit me and link to me. :) Thanks!

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