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In this section, you should find the answers to just about any question that you might have about this shrine, Destructive Ways. And if you've had enough of this place, I've also provided a nice list of Slayers links for you to check out. :) Enjoy!

-xx- Updates - Some of the latest additions to this shrine.
-xx- Links Out - Escape to some awesome Slayers sites!
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-xx- Rate DW - If you liked DW, please rate this shrine at Anipike!
-xx- This Layout - This version's layout info and commentry.
-xx- Copyright - Da boring, repetitive copyright info... sheesh.
-xx- Contact - Contact me through this handy e-mail form.
-xx- Livin' Wild - My collective; a compilation of all my sites.

And last of all... if you have any spare time, I'd really appreciate it if you'd sign the guestbook! I always check it, and I love it when people sign. Thanks a bunch, everyone! :D

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