7/20/03 - Finally, an update! ^^; I uploaded the Lina's image songs (in MP3 format), so go ahead and download some samples in the music section! I've also added a lovely fanart by Leah, along with two desktop wallpapers by VC, so be sure to check those out. That's all for this update!

3/14/03 - Yes, I understand that it has been a LONG TIME since Destructive Ways was taken offline... but now it's back! ^_^ Feel free to look around (everything should be in working order), and sign the guestbook if you have time! Right now, all of my Slayers websites (including Livin' Wild, my Slayers collective) are hosted at dramata.org! I definitely recommend that you take a look at all of the network websites at dramata.org; it features some of the best Slayers shrines on the web, including Chimera Kage and Greater Beast!

Since the URL of the shrine has changed again, please change all links to Destructive Ways! The new address is: http://inverse.dramata.org! (Click here for link buttons.) Thank you!

6/17/02 - I've added two new parodies in the fanwork section. Thanks to Isabelle M. for sending them to me! :)

6/11/02 - The mothership (main collective) recieved a remodeling just recently, and I thought that I would begin the updating process with this shrine! :D I've created a brand new skins section within the media section for your downloading enjoyment. If you happen to have a winamp skin that you're willing to donate to that section, then please do! :) Thanks!

3/16/02 - There's been a final server change, and the subdomain address (http://chaos.cloudnine.nu/lina) is functioning once again. :) Also, many of the broken links in the music section have finally been fixed. Enjoy!

1/6/02 - The stupidity (flames) section has finally been updated! XD I would say something around the lines of "keep 'em coming, everyone!," but I really don't think it's necessary. There isn't a shortage of weirdos on the web, so that section will probably never stop growing! :P

11/26/01 - The romance has been updated again with another Guest Debate! :D Keep 'em coming, everyone!

10/15/01 - I've posted up a new Guest Debate in the romance section -- be sure to check it out!

8/2/01 - This isn't really an update, but I finally decided to join a Slayers Top 100 list. ^_^ It'd be nice if y'all would vote for me! :)

7/20/01 - Okay, so this update took a little bit longer than I had originally planned. o.o Sue me. At any rate, I'm just glad that I can officially declare DW as complete, because I've finally gotten rid of all of the missing sections! ^_^ The Information section recieved an update -- I finally added the subsections about Lina's powers and companions, and revised the fears subsection. I also added the wallpapers for the Multimedia section, as well as another fanart. :D Enjoy the update, everyone!

7/6/01 - Can you believe that it's been nearly two months since my last update? >.< *whacks herself with a jellyfish* (Blame it all on my tendency to procrastinate.) No matter; I've compensated for the long wait by making this update rather huge. ^_^ First and foremost, I revamped the entire shrine by giving it a much more practical table layout. (What do you think of it? :D) I organized the sections into a more navigable format, and also added a Poll, a Layout section, a Flames section (^^; Eheh...), and a Debate section. An update also took place in the Fanwork section, where I added 5 fanarts and a song parody. Enjoy! :P

Well, that's all the updates for today. ^^ As for the few, missing sections that are stilll lurking around... (especially in the "Information" section...) everybody chant with me: "They will be finished by the end of this week! They will be finished by the end of this week! They will be finished..."

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