All About Lina Inverse

Want to learn about everybody's favorite red-head heroine? Well, you've come to the right place; the "Information" section should contain just about everything that you should know about Lina Inverse! Enjoy, and please don't steal any articles from here, as it took me a very long time to write and organize them. Now, choose a topic that you want to learn about:

-xx- Biography - Rudimentary statistics, character analysis.
-xx- Fears - A compilation of Lina's greatest fears.
-xx- Companions - Lina's faithful traveling companions.
-xx- Fashion - Analyzation of Lina's spiffy outfit. :D
-xx- Power - An explanation of Lina's awesome power.
-xx- Quotes - Funny/sad/serious/dumb quotes said by Lina.
-xx- Voice - Info on Lina's wonderful voice actresses!
-xx- Poll - Vote on a series of questions pretaining to Lina!

If you find any broken links, typos, or inaccurate information within these sections, please report them to me immediately! Thanks. :)

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